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OPENS August 26, 2019. CLOSES on October 18, 2019.  Contact:

                                                                                          Berner-Garde Gift Bonanza

18th Annual
Bernese Mountain Dog AKC GCH

It's back!!! The annual Berner-Garde Foundation Gift Bonanza organized by Joye Neff! This is the Main Page for the Gift Bonanza and will  be updated as necessary with important information such as opening and closing dates, progress of this event, the lucky gift winners, etc. You can click on the buttons above for more information, and to see all of the gift items (Batch 1, Batch 2, etc.). 

The BGF Board of Trustees looks forward to this event every year!  The organization is run entirely by volunteers.  Without the generous support of donors like you we could not continue our work.  And to Joye Neff, the Berner world is blessed to have such a friend.  Please donate to this Gift Bonanza...for the Love of a Berner.

Lori Jodar

President, BGF

Please click photo of Lori (above right) for an important message from Lori Jodar about current projects to upgrade the BG database application framework and to continue the the DNA Repository and expand the tissue collection - especially histiocytic sarcoma - that is being used for research. 

WHY? To support the Berner-Garde Foundation (BGF), which operates the incredible open, online health and pedigree database for Bernese Mountain Dogs all over the world.  There is no charge to enter data in this database.  There is no charge to access this database for information. Check out the website and submit details of your Berners!


The BGF also supports the DNA/Tissue Repository which is so essential for research.  Cost of submission of blood, swabs and biopsy samples is now covered by funds from Berner-Garde and the BMDCA. Owners carry the cost of shipping and veterinary costs to obtain the sample.

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        Hosted by

Tanzanite Bernese


We have assembled many lovely Berner items to give to those who have Berners in their lives or who wish they had a Berner in their life.

  • Tickets to win these wonderful Berner items are FREE and easy to obtain!

  • Just send an e-mail to Joye Neff and ask her for tickets.

  • Tell Joye how many and how to distribute the tickets you are requesting.

  • EXAMPLE: "Joye, please give me 20 FREE Tickets. I'd like you to place the FREE Tickets into the following envelopes: 2 each in items number 2, 8, 14, 22, 33, 34, 45, 49, 54 and 62."

  • That's it! Just ask for tickets. People may also request that Joye send FREE Tickets to friends, mentors and people they admire. It's fun!!!

  • Please remember that all contributions to Berner-Garde are much appreciated.


Donation Checks:  Make U.S. bank checks payable to the "Berner-Garde Foundation." Foreign cheques make payable to "Joye M. Neff" - Joye can deposit foreign cheques without any fees.   Please mail to:

Joye Neff

108 Minnock Drive

Mars, PA 16046-1308

Donations may also be made through the Berner-Garde Foundation PayPal account: 


Bernese Mountain Dog

 Click photo for message

          from Pat Long

WHAT??????? You can view all 112 available items below, for quick reference.  If you mouse over an item, the item number and description will be displayed.  If you click on a photo it will open as a larger pop-up.  The items  are also presented in groups of 15 items per page, via the buttons at the top of this page  and below.  Some of the donors have provided websites or email addresses, which are available on the individual pages.  Also, some items have multiple photos, which can also be viewed on the individual pages.  Also, there are more than one available of a few items, so there will be multiple winners drawn for those items. 

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