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Shopping at the 2019 Specialty

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In 1998, Pat Long attended her first National Specialty and upon returning home, she did a series of articles featuring the vendors from the Specialty. Joye Neff attended her first National Specialty in 1999, and Pat asked her if she would like to continue the “Shopping at the Specialty” series. Joye has done the “Shopping at the Specialty” series for the past twenty-one years and knows that those of you who are not able to attend the Specialty love seeing the photos of the items at the vendors’ booths, as well as reading and seeing what they were selling. Through this series, you will be able to feel like you were at the Specialty.


You can place orders via the vendor’s websites or the vendor’s email addresses. Be sure to mention that you saw their Berner items on the Shopping at the 2019 Specialty series.


THANK YOU, Tim McGuire and Nancy Melone for transporting some of the prizes home to me that the vendors donated to the 2019 Berner-Garde Fundraiser. 

THANK YOU, Sharon Montville, for doing the Shopping at the 2019 Specialty website so everyone can see the photos of each of the vendor’s booths.

                                                                                          Happy Shopping!!

                                                                                                 Joye Neff

BMDCA 2020 Specialty Store
Part 1 - 2020 Specialty
Prairie Dog Pottery
Part 3 - Prairie Dog Pottery
Alpen Schatz Boutique
Part 5 - Alpen Schatz Boutique
2019 Shop Too Chic3.JPG
Part 7 - Too Chic
2019 Shop Animan Accents1 HOME.JPG
Part 9 - Animal Accents
2019 Shop Liane Weyers9 HOME11.JPG
Part 11 - Berner Bling
2019 Shop Money't Gallery1-2.JPG
Part 13 - Monet's Gallery
Keeper Collars
Part 2 - Keeper Collars
Coria Designs
Part 4 - Coria Designs
2019 Shop Four Paws1 HOME.JPG
Part 6 - Four Paws Gourmet
Part 8 - Witchwynds
2019 Shop EspanaSilk6.JPG
Part 10 - Espana Silk Products
2019 Shop Smart Hemp1 (2).jpg
Part 12 - Smart Hemp CBD
BMDCA Ways n Means Store
Part 14 - BMDCA Store
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