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Cancer Fundraiser 2019


A special fundraiser organized by Joye Neff, for a very special cause.


I am excited to announce that we did hit our goal of raising $16,000 to help in the purchase of a new real-time thermal cycler for Dr. Matthew Breen’s Research Lab at NC State University. In fact, we flew right past our goal and raised $21,018! THANK YOU to the individuals and the Berner Clubs who donated money to help us hit our goal. 


Dr. Breen sent me the following note to thank you all personally for your support:


Dear Joye


I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and to everyone who contributed to the Berner 2019 cancer fundraiser. Over the past 20 years our team at NC State has been working closely with the Berner community to try to learn more about cancers in the breed, in particular histiocytic malignancies.  The  courage Berner parents have shown to submit precious specimens, especially at times of great personal distress, is remarkable. The detailed genetic evaluation of hundreds of specimens has allowed us to identify several genes that play a role in these devastating cancers. The funds raised will be used to purchase a new analytical instrument that will provide us with the means to accelerate this work. Since the fundraiser exceeded its goal, the additional funds will be used to purchase some of the reagents we need to start this next stage in our research.


It is very humbling to know that the Berner community has continued confidence in what we are doing with this work to help the breed. This is a daily reminder that we need to keep steering our research toward impactful discoveries to benefit Berners. Please pass along my most sincere thanks to all. 


Best wishes

Matthew Breen PhD CBiol FRSB

Oscar J. Fletcher Distinguished Professor of Comparative Oncology Genetics

Dept. of Molecular Biomedical Sciences

North Carolina State University

College of Veterinary Medicine

CVM Research Building - Room 348

1060 William Moore Drive

Raleigh, North Carolina 27607 USA


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Tanzanite Bernese

WHY?  To support Dr. Matthew Breen (North Carolina State University researcher) with his research on the genetics of histiocytic malignancies.

With Berners being the "Poster Child" for histiocytic malignancies it is imperative that we do everything possible to try to conquer this disease.  Our goal this year is to raise $16,000 to help Dr. Matthew Breen (North Carolina State)  fight this horrible disease and to find an effective way to treat this disease in our beloved breed.

Dr. Breen's lab has been analyzing the genetics of hundreds of cases of histiocytic malignancies (HM) from Berners for over a decade.  Each one of these specimens has been submitted to the research team by a Berner household, which is why Dr. Breen considers all Berner parents to be citizen scientists and collaborators in the fight against these nasty cancers. Using this unique, precious collection of biological specimens, the research team has identified several genetic changes associated with HM, including those that may offer therapeutic potential.  To investigate these genes further, the research team needs to purchase a new real-time thermal cycler.  The instrument selected allows for multiple genes to be evaluated simultaneously and will allow Dr. Breen's lab to accelerate this important work for Berners.  Dr. Breen is $16,000 short of what is needed to purchase this equipment.


We have assembled some awesome raffle prizes to encourage you to buy tickets for a chance to win!

This Fundraiser has THREE Tiers: Tickets for the *Star* Item are the most expensive, followed by Tier One Items (A-M), and then Tier Two Items.

  • Tickets for Tier *Star*:  $10 EACH.....$50 FOR 8 TICKETS.....OR.....$100 FOR 22 TICKETS

  • Tickets for Tier One:        $5 EACH.....$25 FOR 8 TICKETS.....OR.......$50 FOR 22 TICKETS

  • Tickets for Tier Two:        $1 EACH.......$5 FOR 8 TICKETS......OR......$20 FOR 50 TICKETS



Use PayPal and email ticket info OR Send check by mail with ticket info.


To use PayPal click on the PayPal button which is available on every page  - OR - Please make your checks/cheques payable to:  Joye M. Neff   ~  and write “2019 Cancer Fundraiser” in the memo line. 

Please include the following information in your email to Joye with subject "2019 Cancer Fundraiser" or in the envelope with your mailed check:

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  • Number of tickets you wish to purchase for each Tier AND for which item(s) in each                          Tier you want to try to win (PLEASE include the item letters/numbers and description)                  

If you have questions, you may send Joye a message with subject "2019 Cancer Fundraiser" to




To purchase tickets:  Use the link to PayPal button below:

OR Send your check/ticket info to Joye at the address below:

Joye Neff

108 Minnock Drive

Mars, PA 16046-1308

Make both U.S. bank checks and foreign checques payable to the "Joye M. Neff" - and write "2019 Cancer Fundraiser" in the memo line.  (Joye can deposit foreign cheques without any fees.)   NOTE: Joye no longer lives on Firwood Drive.

Matthew Breen.jpg
Matthew Breen_Berner.jpg
Dr. Matthew Breen - in North Carolina State lab, and with Berner friend

WHAT??????? There are now TWO Tier *Star* Featured Items!  One is a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming laptop computer - valued at $649 - donated by Linda Lancaster and Steve Keech.  As of March 13 there is a second item - a Guest House stay!  In addition to the Featured Items, there are 15 Tier One Items, and 83 Tier Two Items.  You can view all 100 available items below, for quick reference.  If you mouse over an item, the item number and description will be displayed (when this Fundraiser is over, the winner will be displayed).  If you click on a photo it will open as a larger pop-up.  The items  are also presented in groups of 15 items per page, via the buttons at the top of this page  and below.  Some of the donors have provided websites or email addresses, which are available on the individual pages.  Also, some items have multiple photos, which can also be viewed on the individual pages.  Also, there are more than one available of a few items, so there will be multiple winners for those items.

The Fundraiser is over - winners for each item are listed with the photos below.



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