Shopping at the 2019 Specialty

June 5, 2019 - Part 11

Vendor:  Berner Bling

Name:  Liane Weyers

Address:  78 Dunstall Cres., Toronto, Ontario M1E 3M4, Canada

Phone:  (416) 724-7890



Berner Bling had a booth full of wonderful, Berner artwork that drew people to it to see what creative items she had. She had one-of-a-kind Bernese Mountain Dog jewelry, pins, broaches, bangles, chokers, and pendants, all made by hand by the Artist, Liane Weyers. No two styles were exactly alike. She had items in so many assortments and in many color combinations and styles to go with any and all of your outfits. Prices were from $10 and up. She had snap jewelry with components available to add to your collection. Mini-snaps were also available with leather bracelets to attach them to. Her needle-felted Bernese Mountain Dogs with their own Swiss emblem dog tags were very popular. Porcelain designs are “coming soon.” 


What Liane is best known for, though, are her fine art commission of Berners, which are available upon request. She ships worldwide.


Liane Weyers donated a Berner Blink Broach handmade with polymer clay and a Berner Bling Necklace, both from her Red, White, and Berner collection to the 2019 Berner-Garde Fundraiser.

You can place orders via the vendor’s website or the vendor’s email address. Be sure to mention that you saw their Berner items on the Shopping at the 2019 Specialty series.

Liane Weyers Berner Bling
Liane Weyers Berner Bling
Liane Weyers Berner Bling
Liane Weyers Berner Bling
Liane Weyers Berner Bling