TIER ONE - Items A-O

TICKETS COST: $5 each, $25 for 8, $50 for 22 tickets

T1 - A1 - turquoise jacket.JPG
T1 - A2 - trurquoise jacket.JPG

A: Turquoise Run Free Jacket (Size XL) - Donated by Susan Henderson.

B: “Dog Rules” Linen Tea Towel (19”x29”) - Donated by Pat Long.

C: “It’s a Dog’s Life” Linen Tea Towel (19”x29”) - Donated by Pat Long.

T1 - D - shoes.JPG

D: BMD Sneakers (Size 12 Narrow) - Donated by Allen Farlow.

T1 - E1 - Swiss Basket.JPG

E: Swiss Wooden Basket (5” diameter) - Donated by Linda Seaver.

T1 - F - afghan.JPG

F: Gone Doggin’ Bernese Mountain Dog Tapestry Afghan (5’x4’). Donated by Anonymous in Loving Memory of Cinder CGC, TD, TDI

G: Glass Hand Painted BMD Hanging (15” tall). Donated by Anonymous.

H: Santa Snowshoe Bernese - The snow shoes slip onto boots, the sack on back with candy canes and a few toys plus the outfit are of thick papier-mache. The fur around coat, sleeve, etc. are soft fur material. The Berner head and body are of solid wood. Stands 12" tall.  Donated by Eileen Cozier.

I: Bernese Mountain Dog Headcover - Each of the current, re-designed and new headcovers will accommodate drivers up to 460cc's as well as fairway woods and smaller drivers. Donated by Nicole Prentis.

J: Ceramic Bernese Catching a Butterfly. Very fine ceramic and well detailed raised fur. The butterfly is not permanently attached on this 8" x 4" Bernese. Donated by Eileen Cozier.

K: Lekven Design 8" plate (made in Denmark). Pictured adult and puppy with milk jug.  "Bernie's Dairy We Deliver Everywhere" on the jug. There is a hanger on the back. Donated by Eileen Cozier.

T1 - L - scarves.png

L: Five Passigatti silk scarfs 20" x 20" including 3 Edelweiss silver sliders. Colors are dark blue, green, black, yellow tan, and light blue.  Donated by Eileen Cozier.

T1 - M - Dog Backpack.png

M: Wenaha backpack purchased for an under 100 lb. Bernese. The top line has 9" x 2" padding and is 16" from the center of the top line to bottom of pack. Both sides have a pocket for a water bottle, zippered full pocket and a zippered mesh pocket attached.  Belly straps also have pads. Never used.  Donated by Eileen Cozier.

T1 - N - training skirt 1.jpg

N: Scucka Training skirt (size Medium) - multiple pockets to hold treats and toys to motivate your dog.  Black/turquoise. Front view on left, rear view on model. Donated by Sharon Montville. 

T1 - O - mom and pup figurine 1.jpg

O: Bernese Mountain Dog figurine (10" long, 3" tall, 3" wide) by Zolla. Donated by Anonymous in honor of Zayla. 

TIER ONE - Items A-O