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I am more than happy to share my passion for this special breed, with all who are interested.  This website offers information on Tanzanite Bernese Mountain Dogs specifically, as well as general information on the breed overall.  The goal is to help visitors learn if this breed is right for them, and if so, help them connect with the perfect Berner (which may or may not be from Tanzanite).


Although Tanzanite is a “kennel name,” the fact is that none of the Tanzanite BMDs live in a kennel!  They all live in the house, as family members.  Yes, they are show dogs.  Yes, most also have other performance jobs such as draft (carting), obedience and rally.  But they are all family members first.

Litters are bred occasionally – as this is a hobby, not a business.  Every litter is a labor of love…from determining that our girls meet criteria for health, conformation and temperament, to searching the country for the right sire, to raising the pups in a family environment.  Our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs of sound temperament that will be cherished family pets.  Although in most cases, both litter parents will be AKC Champions, most of the puppies born here will be available to pet homes.  The goal is that every puppy born here is placed with a responsible, loving family – there is really no preference for puppies to go to a “show home.”  In fact – if you are new to showing/breeding BMDs and are looking for a breeding prospect, I only work with novices who live nearby, who want to be mentored, and who understand that I will co-own the dog, and I must approve all breeding decisions.  Also, puppies must be picked up in person.

Be sure to check out the All About Berners page for important information!!


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