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CH Sapphire's Fire N Ice ~ "Kiva"

Kiva was a very special girl.  She was the youngest of my 3 dogs at the time – Blaze, Tanzi and Kiva.  After losing Tanzi and Blaze unexpectedly in 2008, Kiva was my only dog – the only time since I had been in college, that I only had one dog.  She was bred on the same day that Blaze passed – and her pups (including Mystic) were born on Halloween.  She was a very wise dog, usually serious - but she could be silly at times.  Kiva was diagnosed with lymphoma shortly before her 6th birthday, before we had started any performance competition (although she was well-trained).  Chemo was very successful and we had another 18 months together, mostly very high quality, that I was very grateful to have with my perfect girl.

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