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GCHB Tanzanite's Stubborn Love CD FDC NDD

Neyla is the current “middle child” but nothing phases her…she has the solid temperament of her sire Homer (she also is Homer’s mini-me, Homer Jr. aka Hojo!). She got off to a slow start as a puppy – first having what turned out to be exploratory intestinal surgery (ultrasound was unclear as to whether or not she had an obstruction – surgery showed she did not) and then breaking her toe at 6 months, which required her entire front leg to be in a splint for more than one month. Despite these setbacks, she still finished her AKC CH at 17 months of age, and although lightly shown in 2016, had a promising start as a special.  She’s a big girl with gorgeous sidegait showing power transmitted through a level topline.  Neyla earned her Novice Draft Dog (NDD) title in May 2018, and her AKC Companion Dog (CD) title in January 2019 - making her a BMDCA Versatility Dog.  She had her first litter and only litter - 2 boys - in August 2018.  Neyla was spayed in June 2019, due to infertility issues and concerns she might get pyometra.  Neyla earned her FDC (Farm Dog Certified) in April 2021, proving that an old dog CAN learn new tricks!

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