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As you will see under the Litter Summaries tab, we can go several years without having a litter.  Occasionally we have 2 litters within a 12-month period, but on average we have less than 1 litter per year.  For this reason, we do not maintain a waiting list – it just isn’t fair!  Instead, we will attempt to connect you with other similar breeders, when we don’t have an upcoming litter (which is most of the time).  Having many contacts within the regional club – Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Rockies – and the national club – Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America – makes it possible to refer you to other breeders who produce Bernese Mountain Dogs of similar quality.

Even with the referrals, be prepared to wait…although BMD pups are now generally available from many commercial online breeders, carefully and responsibly bred Berners are still in short supply.  It is best to contact several breeders. Most responsible breeders have high expectations of those who will own their puppies, so it is good to discuss these expectations and find a breeder you are comfortable with.

If you are considering a Tanzanite pup in the future, you can request a questionnaire here.  Please be patient; especially when there are no puppies on the horizon, or when I am flooded with inquiries, it can take awhile for me to process the messages.

Our current breeding bitches are our two Hannah daughters: Neyla, and Millie.   Millie has already had 2 litters (Millie's second litter was a singleton - one puppy litter).  Neyla has only had one small litter of two, born August 2018.  As a BMDCA member I follow the Code of Conduct which says it is fine to breed on two heat cycles in a row, but then the dam must be given a break and skip the next heat cycle.  I usually think 3 litters from each female is enough, and often they only have 1-2 litters.

Two of Hannah's granddaughters - Inca and Jade - will turn 2 during 2019, and depending on orthopedic results they may become breeding prospects.

We have one breeding planned in 2019.  Neyla should be coming in season in May, and she will be bred for a summer litter.   Check back for updates!

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