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LITTER SUMMARY: Homer X Hannah 2013

GCHS Nashems Homebrew X GCH Sapphire's  One In A Million

Homer X Hannah Litter.png

Note: since both sire and dam are Clear for vWD, all puppies in this litter are Clear By Parentage (BP) for vWD.  The same is true for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) SOD1B mutation - both parents are Clear so all pups are Clear By Parentage.  For DM SOD1A, the sire is Clear but the dam was At Risk - this means all puppies are SOD1A Carriers By Parentage.  (Neyla was tested for SOD1B before her sire; once he was tested we knew the littermate was Clear By Parentage.  Testing for DM SOD1B did not become generally available until 2014.)

Bernese Mountain Dogs: Sire Homer, Dam Hannah & BMD puppies Neyla & Tanzen
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