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LITTER SUMMARY: Kuza X Millie 2017

GCHB Indian Ivanhoe From Orsina's Land CDX MXP MJP2 NFP ANDD MDD ABNDD MBDD


                                 GCH Tanzanite's Once In A Sapphire Moon FDC

Kuza X Millie Litter.png

Note: since both sire and dam are Clear for vWD, all puppies in this litter are Clear By Parentage for vWD.  The same is true for Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) SOD1B mutation - both parents are Clear so all pups are Clear By Parentage.  For DM SOD1A, the sire is Clear but the dam is a Carrier - this means all puppies are either SOD1A Clear OR SOD1A Carriers (but no puppies will be At Risk).  I tested the puppies - the Carrier vs Clear status only matters when making breeding decisions.  I kept the pup that had the most potential as a show/breeding prospect and as luck would have it, she was the only DM Clear puppy (but I did not select her based on DM status).

The "MILZAs" pictured below at 7 weeks of age:






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