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GCHS Tanzanite's Incommunicado

Inca is my oldest granddaughter from Hannah, out of Millie.  Her sire is Kuza - the sire of my beloved Henley. So, Henley is both Inca's aunt and also Inca's half-sister (since Henley is Inca's mom's sister, and Henley and Inca have the same sire Kuza).  Dog families can be complicated!  Inca's pedigree is actually 75% the same as Henley's.  Inca is not as similar to Henley as I would have expected, but she's special in her own way! 

In spite of the challenges presented by COVID-19, Inca had a very successful show year in 2020.  She finished as #3 Breed and #3 All-Breed, and was the BMDCA #1 BMD Bitch in Conformation.  She was invited to the 2021 Westminster Kennel Club show - and won BOS!  Inca is very close to her Gold Grand Champion title; hoping to work on performance titles and having puppies, soon.

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