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CH Tanzanite Ghostess With The Mostess CD RN~ "Mystic"

Mystic was like Zyla – a heart dog (in more ways than one).  When she was 15 months old, I signed her up for a cardiac exam at the Denver dog show.  I found out she had Subaortic Stenosis – my first (and only to date) personal experience with heart disease.  I was devastated – but I was already too bonded with her, to be able to place her with another family.  She was super smart, super fun and you never would have guessed she had a heart condition.  She earned her Rally Novice (RN) title in 3 straight trials and then did the same for her Companion Dog (CD). She was the fastest runner of all of my dogs, and her favorite game was to tease the other dogs into chasing her – because she always won that game!

CHIC logo from Orthopedic Foundation For Animals
Berners playing in snow: Mystic & Kiva
Berners playing in snow: Mystic & Henley

Sweet memories of playful Mystic enjoying Vail.  Above left, Mystic is the puppy playing with her mom Kiva.  Above right, Mystic is now the adult "puppy nanny" playing with young Henley.

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