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Explanations of Titles

In general, conformation titles are on the front of the dog's name, and performance titles appear  after the dog's name. However, "performance champion" titles such as OTCH (Obedience Trial Champion) also appear in front of the dog's name. The phrase "titles on both ends" refers to a dog that is titled in both performance and conformation.  This page explains the titles that you may see included in the AKC registered names of Bernese Mountain Dogs listed on this website.

AKC Titles

For a full list of AKC titles, check this link:


Some of the most commonly seen titles are llisted below:

AKC conformation titles:

CH: Champion

GCH: Grand Champion

GCHB: Bronze Grand Champion

GCHS: Silver Grand Champion

GCHG: Gold Grand Champion

GCHP: Platinum  Grand Champion

AKC Performance titles:

AKC obedience titles:                                         AKC rally titles:

BN: Beginner Novice                                          RN: Rally Novice

CD: Companion Dog                                           RA: Rally Advanced

CDX: Companion Dog Excellent                        RE: Rally Excellent

UD: Utility Dog                                                    RAE: Rally Advanced Excellent

OTCH: Obedience Trial Champion

AKC Agility Titles:

NA: Novice Agility

NAP: Novice Agility Preferred

AX: Agility Excellent

AXP: Agility Excellent Preferred

MXP: Master Agility Excellent Preferred

NFP: Novice Fast Preferred

(plus many more, I tried to include titles earned by dogs mentioned on this website)

BMDCA Titles &  Awards

The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America has its own Draft program and issues titles for qualifying performances:

NDD: Novice Draft Dog

DD: Draft Dog

BNDD: Brace Novice Draft Dog

BDD: Brace Draft Dog

ANDD: Advanced Novice Draft Dog

MDD: Master Draft Dog

ABNDD: Advanced Brace Novice Draft Dog

MBDD: Master Brace Draft Dog

The BMDCA also has an award called Grand Master Draft Dog (GMDD) for dogs that have earned all 4 of the Advanced Draft titles.

Other BMDCA Awards:

VD: Versatility Dog (the dog is an AKC CH, NDD plus 1 more qualifying performance title)

VDX: Versatility Dog Excellent (AKC GCH, DD plus 1 more advanced qualifying performance title)

TP CH: Top Producer of Champions

TP WTH: Top Producer of Working Title Holders

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