These are the dogs I currently own or co-own, listed from youngest to oldest.  They don't all reside with me.  Click on each dog's photo to go to a page dedicated to that dog, with more photos.
Devon - AKC Champion Bernese Mountain Dog
CH Tanzanite's Devon Ain't Miss B-Haven

Devon - DOB 02/28/2018

GCHG B-Havens Sherpa's Mtn Endeavor X GCH Tanzanite's Once In A Sapphire Moon.

AKC Bernese Mountain Dog
Tanzanite's Incommunicado

Inca  - DOB 07/15/2017

GCHB Indian Ivanhoe From Orsina's Land CDX MXP MJP2 NFP GMDD X GCH Tanzanite's Once In A Sapphire Moon.

AKC Bronze GCH Bernese Mountain Dog
GCHB Tanzanite's Stubborn Love

Neyla - DOB 04/15/2013

GCHS Nashems Homebrew X GCH Sapphire's One In A Million

Jade - new AKC Champion
CH Tanzanite Jade Glade

Jade - DOB 09/28/2017

CH Powder Keg Farm's Quicksilver X GCHG Tanzanite Learning Curve CD RN NDD

AKC GCH Bernese Mountain Dog
GCH Tanzanite's Once In A Sapphire Moon

Millie  - DOB 04/06/2015

GCH Ayehli's Keeper of the Keys X GCH Sapphire's One In A Million.

AKC CH Bernese Mountain Dog
CH Prairiefire's Hidden Treasure at Tanzanite

Phantom - DOB 05/17/2019

CH Mountainair's Gonzo Gelande X CH Prairiefire's Celestial Wind

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