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Millie - GCH Tanzanite's Once In A Sapphire Moon - had an ultrasound to confirm her pregnancy - 5 embryos were seen.  The sire of the litter is Kuza - GCHB Indian Ivanhoe From Orsina's Land CDX MXP MJP2 NFP GMDD.  It is still early in the pregnancy, still so many unknowns but I am cautiously optimistic!  NOTE: Millie only has OFA prelims at this time.  It is NOT my normal practice to breed based on prelims, but Millie just turned 2 in April and I didn't want to do her OFA Finals and PennHIP prior to the BMDCA National specialty at the end of April (since PennHIP requires sedation which can cause coat to blow).  Then Millie came in season on our way home from Portland!  Her OFA Finals will be done a few months after she has her puppies, as will her OFA Cardiac exam (not recommended during pregnancy).  Kuza just turned 7 in June, so he is now a veteran - so I suppose this could be considered a "May-December romance!"

BMD Litter sire GCHB Indian Ivanhoe From Orsina's Land CDX MXP MJP2 NFP GMDD
BMD Litter dam GCH Tanzanite's Once In A Sapphire Moon

             GCHB Indian Ivanhoe From Orsina's Land CDX MXP MJP2 NFP GMDD          X            GCH Tanzanite's Once In A Sapphire Moon

HIPS: OFA Good, PennHIP .36/.32


EYES: OFA Normal (March 2017)



DM SOD1B: Gensol Clear

vWD: Vetgen Clear

HIPS: OFA Prelim Good, PennHIP .47/.48

ELBOWS: OFA Prelim Normal

EYES: OFA Normal (September 2017)

CARDIAC: not done yet

DM SOD1A: Carrier By Parentage

DM SOD1B: Clear By Parentage

vWD: Clear By Parentage

Below is an example of how I do pedigree research for longevity.  Many of the names are truncated as this is a screenshot of an Excel spreadsheet - a complete pedigree can easily be generated using the Trial Pedigree option under Berner-Garde Reports. You can click on the image and it will open in a larger pop-up version.  For my purpose here, I focus on the colors.  You can read the color legend below.  I hope to see a lot of green, and minimal red/orange.  This is just a starting point, and it is just one way of looking at a pedigree.  Although I do include the cause of death when known, my first pass I just look at overall longevity.  On the next pass, I will look more closely at causes of death - maybe some of the red/orange were due to infectious disease or accident.  Also I evaluate the frequency of Malignant Histiosarcoma and Lymphoma.  This is just my personal method.  Most good, experienced breeders are doing some form of pedigree research although it may not look exactly like this.

Bernese Mountain Dog Pedigree - Longevity
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