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GCH Tanzanite Jade Glade HSA-s FDC NDD JHD-s

Jade is my first daughter from Henley.  Jade finished her AKC CH title in February 2019 at 16 months old.

She earned her GCH a few months later in September 2019.  Jade and I have been taking sheep herding lessons since the fall of 2019.  She earned her AHBA Junior Herding Dog (sheep) title in October 2020her AKC Pre-Trial title in May 2021, and her AKC Herding Started A-Course (sheep) in June 2021.  She earned her BMDCA Novice Draft Dog title in May 2021 - making her a Versatility Dog.  She also very easily earned her Farm Dog Certified title.

Next we are working on Open Draft, and also hoping she will have puppies!

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